Flowers Bloom with Love, Peace, and Joy


As my husband and I placed the finishing touches on our living room, I stepped backed and felt relieved. It was finally done. The remodeling project had taken more time than originally anticipated. So today, my plans were to do something creative with the outside of my house. And I decided to work in the flower garden.


Happy to be outside for a change–instead of smelling freshly primed paint–I breathed in the smell of Lilac flowers. After wandering through Lowes, I finally decided on Lilac, a lavender scented flower with purple and rose tinted petals. As I planted the Lilac flowers in my newly soiled planter, I began to smile as the beauty of the flowers brought a laughter to my heart. I suppose you could say this was joy. I know that my planter has been empty for at least one to two years now. And for this same time or season there has not been much joy in my heart or in my home. But things are changing for the better.


I am happy that through the grief and through the struggles, I am know able to rest and truly have peace and love  in my heart, which has not always been the case.

Rejoicing in this new day…


2 thoughts on “Flowers Bloom with Love, Peace, and Joy

  1. Although I don’t know why you have not felt joy, I am glad that you feel a change is on the way. Planting the flowers was a good thing. They will remind you of change. God is with you…..

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