The Waters so Still

still waters 33

I wrote this poem to describe how refreshing and healing the waters can be to ones soul.

When my Soul Needs Soothing

When my soul needs soothing, I play the guitar,

slow rhythmic songs that require repetition of chords

that counteract the rapid beating of my heart and the

shaking of my hands.

The strumming of the guitar comforts me, calms me,

soothes me,

as I begin to sing songs that I love,

and songs that I’ve heard a million times before.

My heart begins to lift,

the lump in my throat begins to loosen,

and my shaking from my hand steadies.

I sing a song inspired from Psalms 23

He leads me besides the water, so still. Let me

catch my breath. Let me drink my fill. Let me lie in fields of green

where only gentle breezes flow

and I’ll reach out my empty hand for the cup

that over flows. Restore my soul.”

When my soul needs soothing, I call my best friend,

older and wiser, she gives the best advice.

Gleaning from her own experiences, she gently listens

as I let the sorrow out of my soul and spirit.

I am then ready to let the healing process begin.

As my true friend, she is never afraid

to speak the truth in love.

Her words are comfort, as apples on a fine day.

When my soul needs soothing, I pray.

I ask God to give me guidance and help

throughout the day,

When my soul needs soothing, I hold something precious in my hand.

A stone I’ve kept for memories, a special gift, or a photo

that evokes a loving memory.

I wrap myself up in something warm,

my sister’s hand-me-down bedspread,

the quilt my grandmother made for me,

or the green and red precious-moments blanket,

my friend from grade school made me as a present.

When my soul needs soothing, I cry until there are no

tear drops left to fall on my pillow.

Exhausted from the emotional drain of energy,

my body sinks deep down into the bed covers.

I fall asleep. I wake up the next day

fresh and ready to start a new.

When my soul needs soothing, I go to the oceans, lakes or my backyard pool.

I dive into the cool rushing water

and feel my body temperature change from warm to cool.

The water refreshes and calms me

as I swim each stroke. The deeper I swim underwater

the further away I become

from the sorrow  in my soul. I step out of the water and lie beside it,

in a lounge chair,  relaxing

as I feel the sun’s rays dry my skin

and let the warmth touch deep down

past my skin

into the depths of my soul…

and I am restored.

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